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Following the overwhelming success of the IndOz Conference in 2022, Synergy Indonesia Australia proudly presents IndOz Conference 2023 to be held in Brisbane City Hall on Thursday, 24th of August 2023.

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Highlight from IndOz 2022

3 key priorities of Indonesia’s Chairmanship of ASEAN 2023

The Indoz Conference will address a wide variety of issues in the trading and investment relationship, with a particular focus on Indonesia’s policy priorities during its ASEAN Chairmanship.

Global Health Architecture: improving health outcomes for all

The COVID-19 global pandemic has underlined the inter-connectedness of health care and services in Australia and Indonesia, and the other countries of ASEAN as well. Clearly no country can rely on isolating itself from its neighbours to guarantee the health of its citizens. Raising the standard of health care across our region benefits us all. In this session, participants will address issues common to the region. These might include ensuring equity in access to health services; public private partnerships in health care delivery; health care skills development / education and training; digital technology for health care services and for cross-border information sharing; management of health care services; supply chains for health care materials including vaccines and personal protective equipment.


Dr. Helen Haydon
Research Fellow – Telehealth Consultant, The University Of Queensland
Nicole Nixon
CEO, Five Faces
Paul Bartlett
Director, Katalis
Stephen Betts
Managing Director at B & A Technologies


Judy Anderson
Vice President, Australia Indonesia Business Council
Sustainable Energy Transition: working together towards a sustainable energy future

Indonesia and Australia have each recognised the need to transition their economies from dependence on fossil fuels to sustainable, renewable sources of energy. Making this transition, though, involves complex economic, technical, social and public policy challenges. IndOz 2023 participants will bring to the conference a diverse range of experiences useful in facing these challenges. These might include sustainable energy financing; approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation; development of renewable energy sources, including wind and solar; collaboration between Australian and Indonesian research institutions and industry partners to support energy transition; sustainable land management practices, including controlling land and forest fires; development of electric vehicles; equitable access to energy supply for regional and remote communities.


Haryo Yudho Sedewo
Director of Indonesia Investment Promotion Center (IIPC)
Johanna Kennerley
Group Sustainability Manager, Ravenswood Gold
Rod Commerford
Trade & Investment Commissioner, Austrade Jakarta


Helen Brown
Lead, Communications and Outreach The Australia-Indonesia Centre
Digital Transformation: profiting from Industrial Revolution 4.0

Though underway before 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the pace and extent of digital transformation, in Indonesia and in Australia. No longer focussed on e-commerce, this transformation now extends into health care, education, government services and society and culture via social media. Many are calling it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Managing the process of digital transformation is a major challenge faced by Australia, Indonesia and the other nations of ASEAN, and one which will greatly influence their commercial, political and social development. Issues participants may address in this session include ensuring equity in access to digital services; managing cyber security; digital skills development and training, including micro-qualifications; tele-health; the smartphone economy; digital skills for MSMEs; the Internet of Things; applications of artificial intelligence; digital transformation of education systems.


Ben Giles
Commissioner, Trade and Investment Queensland
Marshall Pribadi
CEO and Co-Founder of Privy, Vice Chairman of Fintech Indonesia Chairman of IRLA
Dr. Rania Shibl
Associate Dean (L&T), Senior Lecturer, ICT University of Sunshine Coast


Caitlin Byrne
Pro Vice Chancellor (Business), Griffith University

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